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My time off

Martin Webb, 12, starts his second year at Haverstock School, north London, come September.

I'm going to Portugal for two weeks with my Mum, Dad and brother Toby. I've been there twice before. We go to the beach and we have our own swimming pool. We also go and look at ruins and other places. Usually I say I don't want to go, but when I get there it's always OK.

Last year I wasn't allowed to go swimming because I'd had a fall and broken my fingers. The doctor had to give me an anaesthetic and pull my fingers back into place. It was very painful but I didn't let it spoil my holiday. Toby and I also go to St Ives in Cornwall every year with my Mum. There's a seal sanctuary and little theme parks, as well as the sea and beach. Sometimes it's ever so windy and you can't go on the beach, but I still like it.

The best thing about the holidays is that there is no nagging from my parents "Do your homework, do your homework."

I'd like a job. I often ask my Mum and Dad if I can get a paper round but they say I'm a bit too young. They don't want me to get snatched. I'd like money to get my own clothes and music.

My dream way to spend the holidays is in America. I'd go to San Francisco and the Big Apple. Dad said he'd take us one day - he promised. I reckon he'll go when Toby and I are 18 and we don't live with them. Then he'll just sneak off and not tell us because we won't be around.

Martin was interviewed by his brother Toby (10). Both are involved in the charity Children's Express which provides a news service that promotes the views of young people.

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