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My worst parent - Mr Superfit had me on the run

You might think someone who earns the dubious title of "worst parent" might not be fit to be called parent. But in this case he was simply too fit - and that became my problem.

I was a deputy head and the only running I did was to run myself into the ground with work. So, like many, when I was inspired by the tales of heroism of those running the London marathon, I promised myself I would run the following year.

I joined a gym, cycled to work and wobbled a few miles on a Sunday run. I was making progress, but not enough. So I put pressure on myself by announcing my ambitions to the whole school, and I got a sponsored place with a high-profile charity.

Enter Mr Motivator - a super-fit parent who decided to make me his project. Not only would I complete the marathon, but I would do so in less than three and a half hours. All I had to do was submit to his training regime.

This I did and the sponsorship pledges swelled. I was hitting the pavements every night in all weathers.

At first, I tried to run through the pain in my hip. My "coach" told me it was just my body adjusting to the workload. Like a fool I listened. And I kept listening right up until the moment I collapsed at the end of a 25-mile training run. I ended up in hospital with a stress fracture in my lower back.

But at least I was able to watch the marathon with my feet up. The parent did the run in my place, dipped below three hours 15 minutes, raised all the money that I was pledged, and was treated like a hero. I don't think I have ever hated a human being as much, before or since.

The writer is a deputy head. Send your worst parent stories to Those published will receive #163;50 in MS vouchers.

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