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Mystery of the vanished cash

In his letter, Capita's Mike Addenbrooke says (TES, March 19) that the teachers' pension error (or worse) iceberg is all down to education authorities. Foolish man!

In 1989 I elected to purchase all my service prior to April 1988 for family benefits by contributing an additional 4 per cent from March 1, 1990 to January 31, 1993. In 1993 I was told by Capita that I had a 13-month gap in service during this period.

I didn't have any such gap (same job, same school). Knowing I had a contribution gap at the start of my career, I agreed to the additional 4 per cent contribution period being extended for 13 months until February 1994.

In the January 2004 notification, not only was the gap-that-wasn't still there, but my 13 months of extended additional contributions had disappeared as well. This disappearance trick with my money was pure Capita error. I'll hazard a guess that the gap-that-wasn't is also down to Capita rather than Islington, but time will tell.

Linda Lefevre Headteacher 35 Dartmouth Park Road Kentish Town, London NW5

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