Mythical 'right skills'

FRANK PIGNATELLI, chief executive of Scottish Business in the Community, states (TESS, November 13): "If you can convince employers that Higher Still will supply the right skills, they will pour money in."

But would someone please tell me what these "right skills" are?

On different occasions I have sought the opinions of employers both locally and nationally, asking what skills they would like to see their employees leave school with - to be told, in general, if they are numerate and literate the employer would be happy to take up their training from there.

A few employers looked for a particular skill as covered by certain Standard grades andor Highers, but in general the employers did not know what was covered by any one subject syllabus.

Perhaps the Scottish Office would like to keep employers better informed, or the employers should be more specific as to what these "right skills" are.

Johnston Millar Branchalfield Drive, Wishaw, Lanarkshire

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