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The naked truth about Tory Timmy

Tim Yeo, the new shadow minister for health and education, is a popular man among weirdos. Enter his name in the Google search engine, for instance, and the first website that pops up is, a site that chirpily describes itself as being "dedicated to the stalking of one of our finest Conservative MPs".

The reasons why the member of parliament for Suffolk South has attracted such attention are arcane, but the site has high hopes for our Timmy: "The man is a fucking legend." He is also "the world's greatest living statesman" and a colossus "destined to be leader! Not only of the Tory party, but, one day, of this great nation!"

Mr Yeo's fans are obviously desperately upset that he did not succeed IDS as leader but console themselves that his new role puts him in charge of "people's very lives? And the future of their lives in the shape of young people - with their malleable minds and their soft, juicy eyeballs!"

Things get seriously weird when you click the "Tim Nude" link - strictly for adults with strong constitutions.

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