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Name calling

Glen Urquhart High in Drumnadrochit is being replaced, but what to call it?

Two respondents to the consultation, Chris and Fiona Davenport, thought the present name was fine. Fondly recalling the immediate past convener of education in Highland, they ventured: "There is no need for change and certainly no need to name the school after some self-appointed local dignitary, minor royal or millennium event. No 'Val McIver Memorial High' please."

Glen Urquhart High it remains, councillors have agreed.

In Ardnamurchan, meanwhile the sterling efforts of local councillor and Gaelic enthusiast Michael Foxley have ensured Strontian is at last to get its own secondary. But again, what to call it?

A Mrs Byrne from Locheilside remained sceptical. "I am sure that the name Foxley's Folly has been bandied about - in Gaelic, of course!"

Another parent was unconvinced about the "state of the art" school described by officials. As a minute noted: "One parent pointed out there was not a 'state of the art' road to get to Strontian". . . Decision deferred.

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