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Named, but not shamed on targets;Letter;News amp; Opinion

YOU REPORTED (TES, October 22) the National Union of Teachers' survey on the identification of schools whose test result targets are not agreed by the local education authority.

The London borough of Croydon identified seven primary schools and four secondary schools in our education development plan using the 'Y' code with the definition: "the local education authority expects these schools to exceed their published targets".

I am pleased to reassure your readers and the NUT that this has not been interpreted locally as "naming and shaming". It has led to a constructive dialogue with the schools concerned, several of whom would have increased their target if they had been allowed a revision.

It has also helped Croydon's inspectors to be transparently consistent in their discussions with all schools on targets and progress towards them.

Croydon schools have responded positively to the target-setting process which is contributing to the significant improvements in standards that we are experiencing.

Hugh Malyan Chair of the education committee London Borough of Croydon Katherine Street Croydon

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