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Nation needs to debate term times;Letter

ALTHOUGH a primary school in Grimsby has decided to go ahead with a five-term year from September, whether or not a single school making the change makes sense must be an open question.

At a recent seminar held at the Institute of Education in London, there was positive enthusiasm from some and a guarded caution from others but the overwhelming view was that this should be taken forward as a national initiative after national debate.

Some of the difficulties that East Sussex encountered in its proposals for change related to the "go-it-alone" principle and the question, what happens at the edges?

The establishment in June by the Local Government Association of an independent commission to examine a move to five terms is welcome. It is just a pity that on such an issue, where a national move towards change is almost essential that, for once, the Department for Education and Employment has remained silent.

Chris McDonnell


Fulfen primary

Burntwood, Staffordshire

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