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National Museum for Photography

Students can experience some of the fun of the National Museum for Photography, Film and Television without having to travel to its home in Bradford. The Magic Factory - the museum's website, which uses engaging games to teach basic science concepts - is addictive and has an exemplary purpose.

Glowbug will guide children through the five games, which demonstrate optical illusions, reflection, refraction and the visible light spectrum. Each game comes with a set of instructions, and players start with easy ones before moving on to the more difficult.

The secondbest thing about the site is the prizes. Instead of getting a cheesy "well done" or sound-effect, children can download real prizes when they have completed the games successfully. These include a sheet of optical illusions and instructions on how to make a periscope.

If you can drag yourself away from the games, you can download the activity sheets based on each of the games.

You'll need to download a Shockwave plugin to play, and a reasonably fast computer to really enjoy the games, which can be found at

Yolanda Brooks

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