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The National Union of Teachers

* The National Union of Teachers has voted overwhelmingly to boycott the Government's new appraisal arrangements which link pupil performance to teachers' pay.

More than 61,000 members (a 34.6 per cent response rate) took part in the ballot and 96 per cent agreed to refuse to participate in or co-operate with arrangements for their and other teachers' appraisal. The action, which will not disrupt pupils' education, will begin on June 3.

Mr McAvoy, said: "This is a significant blow to the Government. It gives the lie to its claims that teachers support its proposals. They do not. They regard them as divisive and damaging to the future of the profession."

He said the response rate was greater than the 29 per cent who turned out to vote in the local elections.

"It is now time for the Education Secretary to acknowledge he has been badly advised. His plans to link pay with pupil results have backfired and he has united the profession against him," said Mr McAvoy.

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