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IntelliKeys Overlay keyboard with memory and switch access for Mac or PC, Pounds 250. Inclusive Technology Tel: 0161 835 3677.

IntelliKeys, a wonderfully robust overlay keyboard that was previously only available for Apple Macs, is now produced for PCs. A few minutes with IntelliKeys proves that the money you spend will be recouped in the teacher hours saved and in its actual use.

It comes with standard overlays useful for any mainstream primary classroom. Bar coding enables the keyboard to recognise each overlay so you can slip from one to another without having to reset the computer.

Switch inputs built into Intellikeys make this a truly inclusive resource; overlay users can work alongside switch users, or switch users can use IntelliKeys as a switch in itself. Cleverly, the keyboard has a default setting, which acts as a two-switch device when it recognises a home-made overlay. This enables lots of popular switch software (like Brilliant Computing's) to be used immediately, in single or two-switch mode.

Response and repeat settings, use of the keyboard as a mouse, and other set-up features can all be easily changed, using the set-up overlay which, again, you just need to slide into place before using.

Practical design features mean overlays won't detach or fall off during use, and the standard laminated overlays are accompanied by clear protective sheeting for your home-made overlays. Cabling is similarly childproof.

Intellikeys comes with a swing-out arm, enabling it to be positioned at an angle, without obscuring a view of the monitor. This makes it easier for children with physical disabilities, as well as small children to see and reach the top of the board.

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