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A natural successor

At first sight Logotron's Revelation Sight and Sound looks like a straightforward video-editing program, but it is much more than that, writes Jack Kenny. "Don't be put off by the Becta Digital Video Project in which selected schools were issued with extensive sets of hardware and software and encouraged to research the new opportunities," says the blurb on the Logotron website. "The truth is that it's much simpler than that."

When you see the whole package you will agree. It has been put together by people who want to release video-making from the clutches of the media police.

Revelation Sight and Sound is the first educational package to look at rostrum camera work. iMovie on Apple has been able to do that with its Ken Burns effect but that is so carefully hidden away that it is not unusual to find Apple users who have never discovered it. Rostrum camera techniques mean that teachers and students can create video from still images by using the software's pan and zoom, transitions, music, sound effects and narration. The images can be from a still camera. The chances are that children will learn more about images and video from these techniques than they will from waving a video camera around.

You can also use the software to edit sound and make radio - with podcasts giving a new life to broadcasts what could be better?

The video editing side is much the same in Revelation as it is on other packages but it is simple and attractive to look at.

The Activity Guides are simply the best material available to schools on making use of this technology. This is a manual that you won't throw away.

Sight and Sound easily takes its place alongside the original Natural Art.

It is new and fresh and is written and programmed in the belief that children are spending hours each week hearing about conventional literacy and hearing virtually nothing about the literacy of the world that has most impact on them. If any package can start to change that, this one will.

Revelation Sight and Sound

Video-editing software for KS2 to KS3

Cost: pound;55


Tel: O1223 425558

Revelation Sight and Sound

Fitness for purpose *****

Ease of use *****

Features *****

Quality *****

Value for money *****

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