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Nature is fun!

THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM WEIRD AND WONDERFUL GUIDES. Scary and Sneaky. Going Going Gone. Zooming and Creeping. Mega and Micro. By Barbara Taylor. Oxford University Press pound;5.99 each

These books are guaranteed to cause a bit of a rumpus in the classroom and provide interesting bedtime conversation to entertain tired parents. They will be grabbed off the shelves by even the most reluctant readers. Each of the books takes a new look at the wonders of the natural world, grouping topics under appealing titles.

Scary and Sneaky features the ways plants and animals attack their prey and defend themselves; Going Going Gone looks at ancient plants and animals, including a fe that are extinct; Zooming and Creeping explores interesting facts about the fastest and slowest animals as well as the power of wind and water; while Mega and Micro focuses on natural record breakers.

These books are definitely for sharing. They have plenty of photographs, many commissioned especially for this series. The spreads give just the right amount of information to keep the six-to-11 age range interested and, unlike many science books, do not outface young readers with too much information.

This series is not matched to the national curriculum; it is designed for enjoyable learning about nature in a way that will make children want to know more!

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