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This week: pre-Highers anxiety

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Savour it. That is our message to all those S4 and S5 students who picked up their results for new Nationals this week. Savour the delirious joy you felt when all the doom-mongering proved groundless and your marks were outstanding.

Relish the triumph you felt when you walked out of school after your last exam a few weeks ago believing it was not just the end of revision but the start of eternal sunshine. Look back fondly on a moment when you could relax without feeling as though you should be revising French tenses, mathematical formulae or the significance of the dagger in Macbeth.

In short, hold on to that feeling of liberation and try to ignore the grey cloud of anxiety that you can see out of the corner of your eye for, when the new school year starts, that cloud will loom over every waking moment.

No sooner have you taken one step into the unknown than it's time for another. The results for the new Nationals may have been good, but now you must face the sequel: new Highers. And your teachers are just as worried.

Summer is fleeting, so let's banish this anxiety to the naughty step. We'll cope with new qualifications when they arrive.

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Tes Editorial

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