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On the naughty step - Conduct that deserves a ticking off

This week: Sarah Vine

Being a journalist married to one of the most newsworthy politicians around must create the odd conflict of interest. And the occasional testy conversation over the cornflakes.

Sarah Vine, columnist for The Times and wife of education secretary Michael Gove, has previously written of her husband's dire record behind the wheel, naming him the worst driver in England, and revealed his fondness for charity shops, saying he "loves nothing more than a pair of dead man's trousers". Who'd have guessed?

This week, she told us that the Gove household has welcomed a new arrival: a puppy. Aw.

So, for not being a stereotypical Conservative MP's wife, we salute you, Ms Vine. We have enjoyed the insights and implore you to keep them coming. But first you need to spend a quick five minutes on the naughty step.

Last week Ms Vine's openness led her to tweet her husband's mobile number to her more than 5,000 Twitter followers. This was not the beginning of a new kind of politics, where you are invited to let the education secretary know exactly what you think of his policies. It was, in fact, an attempt to send a direct message to another journalist.

The tweet was swiftly deleted, although anyone who jotted the number down will be pleased to know that it won't be changed. Just don't go calling in the middle of Prime Minister's Questions.

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