Needless panic about school trips

A deputy head tells me that she finds your banner headline "DANGER, Is this the end for school trips?" on Phil Revell's otherwise well-balanced article "irresponsible" (TES Jobs, September 6). She has a point.

The purpose of the new guidance for educational visits, as the article sensibly illustrates, is to set up systems and procedures that better support teachers leading visits.

In contrast to the article, your headline is alarmist, particularly to busy teachers who flick through The TES reading headlines. One ran into the deputy's office, waving the article, which it appears he had not read, asking if he should cancel his visit.

Some good comes out of this though. This visit is going ahead, the risk assessments have been completed and the deputy did find time to sit down with the leader and explain the new procedures and their purpose. And I'm going into that school to do some more leader training in October.

Pippa Manson

Outdoor education adviser

Nottinghamshire LEA

Mundella Centre

Green StreetThe Meadows, Nottingham

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