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Nepotism needs to be tackled

FErret (FEFocus, April 16) seemed unable to fathom the absolute necessity of a sector skills council (SSC) for industries where recruitment is based largely on nepotism and contacts.

The results of Skillset's workforce survey showed that, in the broadcast and film industries, who you know still plays a major part in getting your foot in the door. Such an unstructured entry system restricts the flow of talented new entrants.

It has also resulted in a distinct lack of diversity among the workforce.

The survey's findings may not have surprised many but was essential research providing a springboard for action to tackle the problem.

Skillset, in consultation with employers, will use this data to implement measures to improve representation and raise the skills levels of the workforce and in turn the productivity of the industries.

Dinah Caine OBE Chief executive Skillset SSC for the audio-visual industries 80-110 New Oxford Street London WC1

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