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Net fame on a mega scale

Want to earn pound;1 million for a year's teaching and be treated like a movie star? Move to South Korea.

The country often pops up in these pages because of the strange extremes its high-pressure education system creates. But this is one Korean idea that some British teachers might find attractive.

A company there is paying one teacher pound;1 million a year for "performing" in packed concert halls and on the web to crowds of pupils, who are eager for his autograph.

Megastudy, a hugely successful cramming school franchise, has a small team of teachers who have become celebrities and who produce video podcasts, which up to 10,000 pupils pay to download.

Son Joo Eun, Megastudy's boss, said: "Learning on the net is very efficient. You aren't limited by time and space."

If the idea ever catches on over here, there will be a TES prize for the first teacher to put on a lesson in Wembley Arena, with extra points if you manage to spot any pupils chewing at the back.

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