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Never bored by boardroom

While most of us are still recovering from the wise words of Stuart Baggs on last year's series of The Apprentice (field of ponies, anyone?), last week saw a new shower of hopefuls enter Lord Sugar's boardroom. And they have certainly got teachers in the TES online staffroom talking. Coffeekid sums up many people's opinion of the ambitious batch: "The prospects of w*nkery are as high as the loathe-factor."

For many at this stage the money's on Irish Jim Eastwood, who is now known as "soup man" after showing off his bargaining prowess in the fruit and vegetable market. Bombaysapphire is not only interested in his business acumen, however: "I like Jim. He seems more chilled and mature than the rest. Plus I am a sucker for that accent."

With so many candidates jostling to get noticed at this early stage, learning who everyone is can be hard work, which is why phatsals hasn't bothered: "I haven't got as far as learning names yet, I'm just at the 'creepy salesman' stage."

Whichever of these Apprentice stereotypes makes it through to the boardroom, you can bet that this discussion will run and run. Join in at

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