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Never mind content, look at how physics is taught

Over the past few months I have been involved in several discussions on altering the content of GCSE and A-level physics courses in order to encourage more students to study the subject.

Pupils choose to do physics for a number of reasons, and I feel strongly that it is not what is taught, but the method by which it is taught, which is most important. I feel that all of our GCSE students enjoy their physics course, regardless of content, and those who choose to take the subject for A-level expect the same level of enjoyment and quality of teaching.

I teach in a physics department which has absolutely no problem in attracting students for A-level. This has not been as a result of the syllabus we teach; over the past 10 years, I recall no pupils asking what is in the syllabus for A-level while they were in the process of choosing their subjects.

I think we should stop worrying about content and concentrate our energy and resources on producing teaching which pupils will respond to in a positive way.

PAULINE MILLS Mill Hill School science department Mill Hill London NW7

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