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Never too young to Learnfree

Learnfree, the TES's free gateway to the Internet, wants to help parents play a bigger role in their children's education. From next week, mothers and fathers keen to assist with reading will find the pick of children's books, fiction and non-fiction, as recommended by TES reviewers. These will be linked to archived reviews and updated regularly. And there is Learnfree's new 'jargon-buster', an exhaustive glossary to guide parents - and teachers - through the jungle of educational terms and abbreviations. Two of the TES's top problem-solvers - Joan Sallis, and 'Archimedes' - are also arriving online. Four years' worth of questions and answers on school management and governance will be in Learnfree's 'Ask the Expert' zone.

Readers can set up a Learnfree account via, or call 0845 3000 635 for a free CD-Rom. Or see Friday magazine, page 6

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