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Never the twain should meet;Letter

ON THE issue of performance-related pay: the Government insists; the teachers resist. To move into the future, we need to sail between Scylla and Charybdis by de-linking PRP from appraisal.

When we introduced the latter, we were very careful not to allow the then Government to attach pay grading to it. Appraisal is a staff development system and will cease to be of value for such purposes if PRP is part of it.

Rather, successful colleagues or teams of staff could volunteer to be set targets which will then be rewarded by pay increases; and less successful teachers and teams could be compulsorily set targets by the headteacher and governors. The head and deputy could then assess, not appraise, colleagues against these targets and governors award pay rises accordingly.

John D Anderson 1 Gillbeck Close Baildon Shipley, West Yorkshire

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