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Neverland party time

Peter Pan - the British Musical, The Cambridge Theatre, London.

What do you look for in Peter Pan? If it is echoes of J M Barrie's own psychological stunting by a mother who withdrew from him emotionally after the death of his brother, if it is a contemplation of escape, of the nature of dreams, even if it is a touch of fairy magic you will find these are in short supply in this production with music by Piers Chater-Robinson. If, however, you are a fan of pop-style show music with an insistent beat, if you like breath-taking balletic flying and you enjoy hissing Captain Hook, this could be for you.

The sets are magical, Ron Moody causes comic ructions as Hook and Nicola Stapleton's Peter is brave and sincere (and has a good strong voice) but the tone of the evening is more in tune with the office party adults than the little girls in velvet dresses and lacy socks. The songs take away from the intensity of events - Tinkerbell's reprieve especially - rather than adding to it and the over-all effect is closer to music hall than Neverland.

Box office: 071 494 5080497 9977

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