New box of tricks

Resources that work right out of the box are a busy teacher's dream. Only a few minutes for setting up and training are needed, apparently, for teachers to start using the TurningPoint interactive response system. Then they can really find out what their pupils are learning.

Compatibility with Microsoft Office is the key: teachers display PowerPoint slides, pupils respond to multiple-choice questions using handsets and the results can be seen instantly.

With the click of a mouse readable reports can be generated. "This means you can get on with applying assessment for learning straight away," says TurningPoint.

The system works with interactive whiteboards and a variety of response hardwares, and comes with thousands of resources written by teachers which can be previewed online.

"TurningPoint allows every child to be heard, so that his or her needs can be assessed and addressed," says Mitt Nathwani, the TurningPoint product manager at the UK distributor Steljes.

TurningPoint, Stand B48

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