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A new Bucks

It is gratifying to know that John Wilkins is happy for all parents and teachers over the fate of Buckinghamshire as an education authority (TES, November 4). As co-director of a large opted-out comprehensive, I wonder how much thought he has given to schools which have not opted out?

In particular, does he care how schools will cope in other parts of the authority if it is split up? We know he will feel that he has won the battle against the establishment of a grammar school in Milton Keynes, but how will this benefit schools in the other unitary authorities, or maybe he never considered the inevitable consequences of splitting up one council into four?

At our school in the south of Bucks, we are very concerned about the future. Although we continue to achieve better than national pass rates at GCSE, despite the invidious system of selection, what might happen if we are left with a new South Bucks as a result of Mr Wilkins and friends winning the argument in Milton Keynes?

It's nice to know that the schools of Milton Keynes care about the education of all pupils.


Chesham Park Community College

Chesham, Bucks.

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