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New face

Name Victoria Lomas

Age 24

Current post Newly qualified, teaching English and drama and media studies at Hummersknott school and language college, Darlington

Career to date?

I did a degree in English studies at Durham University and went on to do a masters in English studies. From there I did a PGCE at Durham, then straight into my NQT year.

Why did you become a teacher?

During my masters I took a job as a resident house tutor in a boarding school. I was always helping with essays and Ucas forms. I'd taught dance from when I was 15, so I'd always taught in some respect. My mother teaches and I'd thought it was something I wouldn't be able to do, but I suddenly found I could, and enjoyed it. I love drama because children of all abilities can get involved. And it's nice to see shy children growing in confidence and taking on a part. I always loved English; it was the literature aspect that brought me into teaching rather than the language.

I've always loved books, plays and the theatre.

What's the best thing that's happened to you so far?

I had a child who was quite disaffected in Year 7; he was rude and would throw things and storm out. I talked with him, and we had some sessions at breaktime. I have him in Year 8 and he doesn't try to get thrown out of the lessons any more; he smiles and stays behind after class to say thank you.

He asked for some extra books to read, but doesn't want me to tell the rest of the children because he doesn't want them to tease him.That's been most rewarding - the fact that we are making progress with him.

And the worst?

The amount of work outside the classroom. It's exhausting, and has hit me hard.

What do you like most about teaching?

Working with different children every day. You see different responses to things you think are old hat and done time and time again, but are brand new to the children.

What is your dream job?

I'm moving in September to a school with a sixth form. I'd like to end up as head of sixth form in a comprehensive, or go into university and train other teachers.

Top tip?

Get experience. It's not like when you were at school. Get rid of the rose-tinted glasses.

Interview by Martin Whittaker

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