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New hardship but teachers soldier on

Far from enjoying a lighter workload, teachers at Epiphany primary in Bournemouth will be more hard-pressed than ever when the new financial year begins in April.

"Just by standing still with the staff we've got this year, we are looking into the jaws of a deficit budget of around pound;100,000," said Sid Willcocks, head of this 440-pupil Church of England school and a member of the NAHT's national council.

The school currently gives every teacher half-a-day's curriculum release once a fortnight. But with redundancies now a distinct possibility, staff will only get this non-contact time as and when Mr Willcocks or his deputy is able to cover their classes.

Although the school will not be able to find the pound;48,000 estimated cost of implementing the workload agreement, Mr Willcocks does not expect any trouble from his staff.

"They are not a bolshy lot," he said. "They will rally round and not demand something that manifestly cannot be provided - even though it's their right."

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