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New Labour, new sayings

* "We are in favour of the principle of integration into mainstream education of pupils with special educational needs where this is beneficial to children and meets the wishes of parents."

* "I will insist that Scottish schools reflect (our multiracial society) by rooting out racism in all its forms and ensure schools are equally challenging for bilingual pupils."

* "We will not let early years education be left to chance."

* "I will investigate the means to develop and restore the wide range of extracurricular activities which formerly characterised school provision across Scotland."

* "I want to see more consistency in the setting of homework."

* "Lifelong learning has a key role to play in assuring the country's success in today's highly competitive global market-place."

* "The Government intends to encourage the development and growth of Gaelic-medium education. We will also encourage respect for the Scots language and its regional dialects."

* "Parents will receive an annual assessment of their children's progress to show how far they are reaching their potential."

* "I will consult with the business community on ways to broaden involvement in education to meet each other's needs."

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