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A new-look TES

NEXT week's TES will look and feel different. The main news and analysis section of the paper will be redesigned to make it more readable. We hope you will also notice a new upbeat and practical ethos in our coverage of what lies behind the educational headlines.

The TES has always set out to be the professionals' newspaper. But those who run our schools increasingly need more than political analysis and professional debate. They also need inspiration and ideas that work. Ultimately, it is not educational theories or administrative diktats that improve children's learning but the actions of teachers and those who support them throughout the country.

In a sysem more centralised than ever before we cannot ignore education politics. But after a decade of incessant intervention, many of those working in education are beginning to show renewed optimism and confidence in their own professionalism. We aim to reflect that: to seek out their success stories and to highlight good practice and good practitioners.

We have always recognised that it is the support of teachers, heads, governors and education officials that makes this newspaper what it is.

So we hope you will not only find your TES more enjoyable but that you will also help us to make the professionals' paper even more inspiring and useful in 2001.

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