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What's not to like?

- Take a look at lolsson's compilation of poems inspired by nature, with an activity focusing on their use of similes, alliteration and personification. bit.lyNaturePoets

Hot topics

- Check out BBC Class Clips' Introduction to Robotics to see robots at work in a car manufacturing facility and measuring radiation at Chernobyl. bit.lyRobotsInAction

Language quotes

- Remind your students why languages are important with ktrowse's posters of inspirational quotes. bit.lyFunnyMFLClips

Tongue tied

- The Raise Awareness of Language Learning Impairment (RALLI) campaign has found a home on TES Connect. Set up to raise the profile of common language impairments, RALLI films are available to download as teaching resources. bit.lyRALLIfilms.

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