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Valentine's Day

- S1-3s can practise French vocabulary with a Valentine's Day theme, using dazzel's language of love resource, while S4-6s can create an advertisement for Puck's love-in-idleness potion in A Midsummer Night's Dream, using newbie55's resource.


- A sorting task to enrich pupils' enjoyment of quadrilaterals comes in the form of a board game by Nrich maths. Pupils place property cards, which determine shape values, along each axis on the grid. They must select a quadrilateral card and decide which two properties the shape meets.


- TES's new partner, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), has launched a Teaching Shakespeare initiative with the University of Warwick. The resources, now on the TES website, include films of RSC actors and directors working with teachers and demonstrate ways to get pupils on their feet and engaged with the text.

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