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New opportunities for grid-trawling

As well as paying for the ICT teacher training programme, the National Lottery's New Opportunities Fund is also providing pound;50 million to create materials for the National Grid for Learning. The programme is intended to encourage libraries, archives, museums, galleries and other organisations to make their resources available to a much wider audience via the Internet.

NOF chair Baroness Pitkeathley says the scheme will ensure that there are more relevant and beneficial resources to explore as more people begin to use ICT. The material will be freely available on the Internet.

The fund will support digitisation of material in three areas:

* citizenship in a modern state: information on how to access services and rights and obligations;

* cultural enrichment: material that reflects the heritage of a community, region or country;

* reskilling the nation: helping people improve basic literacy skills and understand other forms of information, such as science, health and IT.

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