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New opportunity to defend training

I was disappointed to see The TES resort to unattributed assertions about the New Opportunities Fund training programme (TES, June 14).

You state that it is "widely agreed" that NOF training has not been the success it might have been. Participation tells another story: more than 95 per cent of teachers are taking part, the target was 80 per cent. If you define success as meeting the expectations of more than 450,000 people then there will always be some "failures", but it is undeniable that there has been a change of attitudes within the profession. There is now an unprecedented willingness by teachers to embrace information technology in their teaching.

The programme is far from complete - around a third of teachers have yet to start or finish their training. If the training is not what teachers expect or want they must talk to their training provider now. We cannot make the programme a success unless teachers are telling trainers when it isn't working.

Richard Hill Head of policy and research New Opportunities Fund 1 Plough Place, London EC4A

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