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New screen double acts

Fed up with trying to connect your VCR to a TV? You need a combined TV and video recorder, or Televideo. Two new models are the Sharp 37 VT 12H and Nokia's TVR 5135. The Sharp has a 14-inch TV and a VCR with long-play facility. There's also on-screen programming, front AV socket for easy connection to a camcorder or other video source, and 40-channel tuner.

It's out in November and will cost Pounds 499 (Sharp 0161 205 2333). Most Televideos have 14-inch TV screens, but Nokia's TVR 5135 (Pounds 599, also launched this autumn) has a 20-inch TV.

Another novel feature is a twin TV tuner, which means you can watch a programme on one channel, while recording one on another channel (Nokia 01793 644223).

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