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New session, new look for TES Scotland

Next week, normal service is resumed as schools and colleges start going back to work.

The new session also brings you a new-look TES Scotland which will be more essential reading than ever before, reporting reliably on what is happening and (just as importantly) what may be about to happen, as well as continuing to keep teachers and lecturers abreast of developments which can benefit their own practice.

ScotlandPlus returns and, in the spirit of helping to enlighten teachers not to mention lighten their spirits, features a new series aimed at the probationer teacher.

Written by Diane Allison, a teacher in Midlothian and author of the acclaimed The Year of Living Dangerously: A Survival Guide for Probationer Teachers, it will show beginners how to find the ropes.

The TESS also begins a major series of articles on the future of Scottish education as we await the Executive's Green Paper later in the year.

The series will be kicked off by Jack McConnell, the Education Minister, and there will be exclusive reports in coming weeks on the thinking behind Glasgow's plans to translate the city's educational vision into reality through "learning communities".

Finally, the TES Scotland welcomes over the next couple of weeks new regular columnists who are never afraid to court controversy - Tony McManus, scourge of Higher Still, and Walter Humes, scourge of the "leadership class" in Scottish education.

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