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New teacher sent 'love' text to pupil

A newly qualified teacher who sent "inappropriate" texts to a 17- year-old girl pupil acted unprofessionally, a disciplinary panel of the General Teaching Council for Wales agreed this week.

Darren Scott did not appear at the hearing in Flintshire, but was represented by his union.

As TES Cymru went to press, the panel concluded that the evidence proved Mr Scott had sent texts of an inappropriate nature for several days to the girl, as well as having inappropriate conversations with several others about the breakdown of a relationship.

The incidents happened when Mr Scott was working as a supply teacher at Ysgol Aberconwy, a comprehensive school in Conwy.

It was claimed Mr Scott had sent one text telling the girl he loved her in error, intending it to be for his own girlfriend. The police decided that there was no criminal case to answer after arresting him on suspicion of harassment in July 2006. At the end of a two-day hearing, chairman Richard Parry Jones said Mr Scott "understood the implications of what he was doing and that he could get into trouble".

In a statement read out on his behalf, Mr Scott expressed his regret and said he hoped to teach again as soon as possible.

"I would never give my email address or send text messages to pupils ever again," he said.

The panel will allow Mr Scott to teach again under the proviso he informs employees of the disciplinary hearing. He must also only communicate with pupils under schools official IT guidelines.

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