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New term for school radio

q Dance Workshop. Age group: 9-12. Radio 3FM, Friday, September 22, 2.30-2.50pm. Teacher's notes, Pounds 2.50. BBC Education, 0181 746 1111.

Designed for the dance component of primary physical education, this series has 10 new programmes this term, in two units, "The Moving Image," looking at rhythm, and "Dance From Different Cultures," which looks at dance from the Caribbean and Australian aboriginals.

q Let's Move. Age group: 5-6. Radio 3FM, Monday, September 18, 2.25-2. 45pm. Teacher's notes, Pounds 2.25. Wallcharts, Pounds 7.50. BBC Education, 0181 746 1111.

This popular series, presenting music and stories, has 10 new programmes for the autumn, under the headings "Harvest Home", "Light and Dark" and "The Christmas Story", all designed to develop skills in movement, listening and language.

q Music for Dance. Age group: 7-12. Radio 3FM, Friday, September 21, 01.30-2.00am. Teacher's notes, Pounds 2.50. BBC Education, 0181 746 1111.

Broadcast in the night hours, this new series provides a range of music, from classical to ethnic and pop, to accompany different styles of dance. There are 10 programmes, collected under themes that include harvest, fire, Christmas, winter and water.

q Together. Age group: 7-11. Radio 3FM, Wednesday, September 20, 2.00-2. 20pm. Teacher's notes, Pounds 2.50. Book, Pounds 14.99. Cassette, Pounds 8.25. BBC Education, 0181 746 1111.

Stories, ideas and songs for junior assembly, with 10 new programmes in two units, "Other People's Shoes" and "Gifts". The series aims to encourage children to investigate their own and other people's attitudes, while developing an awareness of moral issues.

q Libreria: Spanish Stories. Age group: 11-14. Radio 3FM, Monday, October 30, 02.00-02.30am. Free programme guide. Pack of 15 readers, Pounds 35. Cassette pack (three tapes), Pounds 35. BBC Education, 0181 746 1111.

A set of programmes with stories in Spanish, arranged in three levels of difficulty, presenting fiction and non-fiction, giving an insight into both Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

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