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New on this week - Who let the pooch out?

Channel 4 series Jamie's Dream School continues to attract the wrath (and seemingly also the undivided attention for an hour every Wednesday) of teachers in the TES online staffroom. What right does a TV chef have to interfere with the education of a bunch of ne'er-do-wells, they ask?

What if teachers went into restaurants and had the right to pass judgment on the chefs, asks jubilee: "I would fail a large number of TV chefs, as many of them taste food by dipping their fingers in or using spoons which then go back in the pot." Anselmus has another theory: "Why don't we get the Michelin guys to inspect schools and Ofsted to do the restaurants. I know which would suffer, but I'm not telling."

Some posters are getting so wound up they are contemplating switching over to MasterChef instead. CrazyChemist says: "I don't think I should watch this programme anymore because I just end up screaming at the TV."

Meanwhile, RE and modern languages teachers want to know why their subjects haven't been covered. The fact that Jamie Oliver spent months working in Italy, but never so much as uttered a "puttanesca" angered TinaNewsome: "What a missed opportunity! Indeed, how many chefs' lives are spent working in countries other than ours and speakinglistening to other languages?

But the prize for the most venomous comment must go to serial poster Eureka, who rants: "Oliver has become a toothless pooch of the educational establishment, made all the worse by his excruciating pukka, which might have got him through a cooking clip with Toploader playing, but now comes across as helpless." Tasty.

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