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A new type of homework

I seem to have missed the point of work-life balance. Bringing laundry and ironing to school, car valeting and a daily baguette run seem scant reward for years of handwritten A3 planning sheets, meaningless Ofsted reports and derisory pay rises (TES, May 14).

I thought the idea was to reduce work-related tasks that teachers have to do at home and not simply reverse things and take domestic chores into the workplace.

I think I might have lost the plot. However, there is a kitchen ceiling that needs painting, a lounge that needs papering and weeds the size of which one must see to believe. It wouldn't take much to bring me back "on message".

Though, back in the real world, I shall have to make do with the Friday lunchtime communal run to Clayton Street chip shop.

Bob Allonby 36 Fielding Lane Oswaldtwistle Lancashire.

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