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New Welsh framework

I am pleased by the interest shown in a school effectiveness framework (TES Cymru, January 18). Your leader urges that we should avoid more targets, scrutiny and potential divisiveness.

Our approach is captured in the strapline, "Building effective learning communities together". The document has been developed with local authorities, heads and academics, following the principle of tri-level reform to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for all in Wales. This is not about new hit-lists or targets, but putting the learner at the heart of education policy and helping schools to succeed.

We are now revising the document to reflect comments made by key stakeholders during roadshows in November. We must ensure our proposals are fit for purpose.

The framework will be published in late February and launched by the minister for children, education, lifelong learning and skills at four regional conferences from February to March. We hope to share our thinking more fully through the pages of TES Cymru when the launch takes place.

Elizabeth Taylor, Director, Children and schools, department for children, education, lifelong learning and skills.

Read TES Cymru next week for the experts' analysis of the school effectiveness framework.

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