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1 A lost, silent stranger is found wandering dazed on a Kent beach. He must be:

a A piano-playing genius

b Leader of the Tories

c The Man U shareholder who didn't sell up in time

d Next year's hit movie?

2 When did lifetime socialist Sir Alex Ferguson realise capitalism is wrong?

a When he paid pound;30 million for Rio Ferdinand

b When he pocketed an annual salary of pound;4m

c.When Man U put ticket prices up 27 per cent

d.When Malcolm Glazer bought the club

3 How does the Government plan to make young offenders mend their ways?

a Make them doff their hoods

b Make them pull their pants up

c Make them wear uniforms

d Chain their ankles together

4 And how did it set women's equality back 35 years?

a Minister for women Meg Munn is unpaid

b Ruth Kelly told to keep quiet in meetings "because you wouldn't understand, love"

c Patricia Hewitt asked to make the tea at cabinet meetings

d Tessa Jowell told to wear skirts to work


ANSWERS: 1a, 2d, 3c, 4a

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