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1 How did 77 turn Britain upside down?

a Michael Howard praises Tony Blair

b Jacques Chirac praises Tony Blair

c Daily Mail praises Tony Blair

d George Galloway praises Tony Blair (only kidding) 2 "We will not be terrorised" said Mr Blair. Why not?

a Drives in armoured car

b Big gates at the end of his street

c Surrounded by bodyguards

d Spends holidays in private villas

3 How did the US show its solidarity?

a Fox News says "good time to buy" shares

b Fox slates G8 for wasting time on Africa

c US Air Force bans troops from London

d Cancelling their holidays

4 Which housing development is up for sale?

a Brookside Close

b 2012 Olympic Village (sight unseen)

c G8 Summit's media village

d Ambridge

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