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News in Brief

Record allowances

Record numbers of students are applying for the Pounds 30 a week education maintenance allowance so they can stay on in schools and college in Wales. Figures for June to August this year revealed 29,950 applications were made - 6,700 more than for the same period last year.

No age change

The Assembly government has told TES Cymru this week that it has no plans to raise the school leaving age in Wales, despite changes in some parts of England that make it statutory for pupils to remain in education until 17.

Welsh Web boost

Research showing that more homes in Wales have internet access than anywhere else in the UK could mean a boost for GCSE results. Experts say being connected can mean the difference between achieving an A or a D grade. In Wales, 67 per cent of homes are online, compared with 66 per cent in England, 61 per cent in Scotland, and 56 per cent in Northern Ireland.

School closure delay

Cardiff council has delayed a formal public consultation on the closure of Cefn Onn Primary School after a campaign by teachers and parents. Legal notice proposing the closure is expected next month, giving the council time to revise its plans. Campaigners said there would not be enough places for pupils at other schools.

Mediums favoured

A Swansea council survey of 1,330 parents of babies and pre-school children found that up to 38 per cent favoured sending their children to Welsh medium schools. Currently just over 10 per cent of pupils in the county attend them.

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