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More children taught in Gaelic, report shows

The number of primary schoolchildren in Gaelic-medium education has risen by 6 per cent to 2,652, according to a report by Brd na Gidhlig, an organisation that works to promote the language. Numbers for Gaelic-medium P1 classes have increased even more significantly, by 13 per cent to 486 children, the body's 2013-14 annual report says. The number of pupils taught in Gaelic at secondary level has gone up 7 per cent, reaching 1,181. The report also cites progress in early years work, with a total of 93 parent and toddler groups this year, compared with 80 in 2012-13.

Photography festival gives a snapshot of college talent

Students and graduates from Edinburgh College have taken part in a new international photography festival in the city, which runs until tomorrow. The 12 current and former students have had their works exhibited at the New Fashion Photographers event in Leith and the Emerging Photographic Talent show at Harvey Nichols, both part of the first ever Retina photography festival. Principal Mandy Exley said she was "proud to see the exciting new talent coming out of the college taking its place at the festival alongside some of the best-known names in the industry".

Awards for Stem success reach record high

A record number of Scottish pupils have gained national accreditations in Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects through a British Science Festival scheme this year. About 1,600 students achieved Crest awards for Stem project work - an increase of more than 600 on last year. More than a third of Scottish secondaries now take part in the awards, which are also open to colleges and are aimed at young people aged 11-19. The awards recognise students' ability to work together on scientific problem-solving to develop their skills in research, experimental design, analysis and presentation.

Former headteacher takes reins at Gaelic primary

A former headteacher is to return to a Gaelic primary school that has been looking for a permanent headteacher for a number of years. Janet Macleod, who led Bun-sgoil Ghidhlig Inbhir Nis in Inverness from its opening in 2007, has been appointed as acting headteacher and is set to remain in post until October. The previous headteacher, James Lyon, left after only a few months to take up a job at another school. Highland Council will advertise for a permanent headteacher for the school, which was the first purpose-built Gaelic-medium school in Scotland.

Childcare review asks workers to chip in

People working in early learning, childcare and out-of-school care are being invited to submit evidence to a review of the sector. Iram Siraj has launched her second call for evidence for the Independent Review of Early Learning and Childcare Workforce and Out of School Care Workforce, which started in March this year and will continue until April 2015. Professor Siraj is also extending the deadline of the first call for evidence, which was directed at organisations. The deadline for both consultation exercises is now 30 September 2014.

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