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News quiz

1 Who has been ordered to smile more in public?

a Russian border guards b England's football team c Labour election candidates 2 Who was among Ronald Reagan's allies as he rid the world of the Evil Empire?

a Bonzo the monkey b Mikhail Gorbachev c Saddam Hussein 3 Venus's rare transit of the sun was the first since when?

a Kilroy Silk was a Labour MP (1974) b New Iraq rulers installed (1921) c The latter days of a long-reigning queen with a feckless son (1882) 4 Which new museum has been proposed for London?

a Gay museum b Pencil museum c Laptop museum 5 The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy advised avoiding injury to which group?

a Armchair soccer fans lurching forward to cheer a goal b Euro-election tellers in ballot count c Sunbathers applying lotion to bit between the shoulder blades Answers 1a,2c,3c,4a,5a

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