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News quiz

1 Which cult do right-on Royal Navy chiefs now allow on board warships?

a Scientology

b Rastafarianism

c Satanism

d Conservativism

2 Which foolhardy and reckless troop movement was commemorated this week?

a British troops to Arnhem, 1944

b Battalion of Democratic party lawyers to Florida

c Charge of the Light Brigade

d Black Watch to Baghdad

3 Student in nightclub fracas: how do police react?

a A night in the cells

b Anti social behaviour order

c Clip round the ears

d Police escort back home to Highgrove

4 What will pound;118,000 get you these days?

a 57 votes for Bush in Florida

b An average MP (expenses only)

c Seat on Virgin's space launch

d Lange and Sohne watch (if it hasn't already been stolen)

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