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News quiz

1 What did Tony demand from George when he visited Washington?

a Action on Middle East peace b Karl Rove's phone number c Permission to slag him off to win back Labour voters d A new Bonio

2 Brad Jones is: a The first American to apply for Canadian citizenship since the US presidential election?

b. Taking over John Peel's show?

c More likely to be a sad singleton than Bridget Jones?

d Going to have sex live on C4?

3 Which of these didn't happen this week?

a Scientists claimed pesto gives you cancer b A Cheshire pub bought its own nuclear bomber c A Californian firm launched spectacles for dogs d Jarvis won a school PFI contract

5 John Kerry was ...?

a Going to have live sex on Channel 4?

b The drummer with Status Quo at LiveAid?

c Howard Keel's real name?

d No, sorry, you've got me

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1a, 2c, 3d, 4d

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