News Quiz

1. ID cards - what will they be used to check?

a. Entitlement to visit your GP b. Entitlement to use Government cars c. Fast-tracked visa applications d. Paternity suits

2. The PM says ID cards will "protect civil liberties". What will be the fine for not telling the Government you've moved home?

a. pound;50 b. pound;100 c. pound;500 d. pound;1,000

3. How is Alistair Campbell entering the lion's den?

a. As a director on the board of Millwall FC b. As associate editor of the Daily Mail c. As official spin doctor to the British Lions rugby team d. By becoming a zookeeper for an ITV reality TV show

4. Which hard-done-by workforce threatened to resign over their pension funds?

a. Council officials b. Steelworkers c. Job Centre staff d. High Court judges


1a, 2d, 3c, 4d

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