News quiz

1 Whose lives, trapped in a brutal institution, were revealed as a misery of abuse and bullying?

a Asylum-seekers b Women MPs c I'm a Celebrity contestants d Young offenders institution inmates

2 How did the BNP's Christmas party go horribly wrong?

a Venue ceiling too low for the pointy hoods b Chef served chicken tikka instead of roast turkey c They hired a Black DJ because he sounded white on the phone d. Table tipped over when everyone wanted to sit on far right

3 Who accused Education Secretary Charles Clarke of "going soft"?

a The National Union of Teachers b Secondary Heads Association c The Conservatives d David Blunkett

4 So how does a poor Home Secretary try to get out of trouble?

a Slag off your colleagues just when you need their support b Get tough on immigration (unless it's your child's nanny) c Say sorry d Volunteer for the next series of I'm a Celebrity

QUIZ ANSWERS: 1b, 2c, 3d, 4c,

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