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News quiz

1 A-level results are up again - what does it mean?

a Standards are falling

b I blame the teachers

c It's political correctness gone mad

d Another wonderful effort by hardworking students

2 But GCSE results were down! Please explain!

a Standards are falling

b I blame the teachers

c GCSEs are rubbish - they're not like O-levels you know

d I mean, Mark Thatcher - he only got three O-levels and look how well he's done

3 So why do they call Sir Mark Thatcher "Scratcher"?

a Plays golf off a scratch handicap

b He'll scratch together funds for an amusing African jaunt with pals

c Nickname at Harrow; he had shocking acne

d After a dubious character in PG Wodehouse

4 To which great resolute Briton was President Bush compared this week?

a Winston Churchill

b The men's 4 x 100m relay team

c Margaret Thatcher

d Mark Thatcher

ANSWERS: 1d,2d,3c,4a

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